about us

Kombucha made by a tea company - truly artisanal, craft-brewed. Brew Dr. Kombucha is produced entirely in-house, leaf to bottle. After we brew our recipes of quality tea and dried herbs, roots and fruits, it takes about two weeks to complete the probiotic fermentation process.

Our attention to quality at the beginning of the process means we don’t need to add any flavors or juices at the end. Our flavors stand on their own, balancing the right levels of sweet and sour that make well-made, traditional kombucha so interesting. We are proud of our commitment to using only whole, organic ingredients with no added nonsense.

Every bottle of Brew Dr. hosts billions of naturally-occuring probiotics including beneficial bacteria, yeasts, and organic acids (acetic acid, lactic acid, gluconic acid, glucuronic acid and propionic acid).

available jobs

Position Company Location Posted
Arizona Area Sales Manager – Arizona, New Mexico & Surrounding Areas (Phoenix Based)
Brew Dr. Kombucha Phoenix, Arizona 11 Oct
Georgia Area Sales Manager – Atlanta & Surrounding Areas
Brew Dr. Kombucha Atlanta, Georgia 11 Oct
Maryland Area Sales Manager – Baltimore, MD or Washington D.C.
Brew Dr. Kombucha Baltimore, Maryland 11 Oct
Boston Area Sales Manager – Boston, MA & Surrounding Areas
Brew Dr. Kombucha Boston, Massachusetts 11 Oct
New York Area Sales Manager – New York City & Surrounding Areas
Brew Dr. Kombucha New York City, New York 11 Oct
Florida Area Sales Manager – Jax, Orlando, Tampa & Surrounding Areas
Brew Dr. Kombucha Orlando, Florida 19 Sep